Meet The Team

Allison Hull, DO

Allison Hull, DO is a practicing, dual board certified adult internist and pediatrician. As founder and CEO of Well-Being, Dr. Hull has been empowering patients, employees, and community organizations to optimize their health, prevent disease, and mitigate chronic conditions. As creator of an award-winning corporate wellness program, Dr. Hull is a visionary seeking to transform the culture of companies. Her background and expertise in human nutrition coupled with her passion for the science of behavior change, has created the foundation for Dr. Hull to effectively educate each member of the Well-Being Tribe so they in return can impact the lives around them.

Kelly E. Matthew, B.S

Kelly Matthew is a graduate of Ohio University and has over twenty years in the Wellness Industry. Most recently Kelly worked alongside Dr. Hull developing an award winning Employee Wellness Program and co creating Well-Being, A Tribe Planted with Purpose. As an Intrinsic Health Coach, Kelly works with our participants to help them realize their potential and ignite sustainable behavior change.

Mindy Henson, RN, BSN

Mindy Henson graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She has worked in a variety of settings, including oncology, high-risk obstetrics, school clinics, hospital-based education and preventative medicine. She enjoys building relationships through health coaching and encouraging high risk participants throughout their journey.