Health Coaching

What is a Well-Being Health Coach?

A Health Coach is someone that helps you elicit your best thinking and decision making so that you can focus on what is truly valuable for you. Your health coach is aware that YOU know YOU better than anyone else.  YOU are fully capable and complete and if you do not feel this way, during your time with your health coach you will discover this too!

What does a health coaching session look like?

During your health coaching session, YOU lead the way. Each session can vary greatly based on YOU. Your coach is there to ask the questions to help you identify what is important to you and what is possible for you.  The confidential conversation allows you to identify ways to best help yourself.  If there is an honest dialog about what you want and why, magic can happen.  After the initial conversation if you have program specific questions your coach can answer those for you.  

How long is my coaching session?

When you participate in the LIVE program you receive 3 15-minute coaching sessions over the course of the 12 weeks.
Additionally, we offer 30 minute and 45-minute coaching sessions. The choice is yours.  You can purchase each session ala cart or purchase a package to use over time. You do not need to be a current registered Tribe member to purchase coaching sessions.

Each 30-minute session is $50 or purchase 4 for $160

Each 45-minute session is $75 or purchase 4 for $275

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What can be gained from health coaching?

Your goals and so much more!  If you enter into Health Coaching with an open mind and are honest with yourself and your coach magic can happen. You focus on what is truly important you. You set and work towards goals with a solid game plan.  You have an accountability partner that is there with non-judgmental support and encouragement for you.  Your coach can also offer education, when needed.  You will be learning so much new information throughout the program and your coach will assist you with taking that knowledge, igniting your purpose, and helping you create your best life!

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